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in charge of is bringing a new spokesperson on board who used to handle communications. he is taking over. they reported that the college paper at george wash tweeted an alumnus landed what is arguably the worst job in washington. thanks. the president will hold a conference calls trying to shore up support as the domestic policy achievement is in danger of becoming a punch line. >>> you feeling depressed? run down? like you just can't win? are you the president of the united states? ask your doctor for paxil. second term strength. the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled second term. >> even the president's adviser acknowledged the president has to restore confidence and do it quickly. >> when the website gets fixed and it will, you have to say what do i need? you have to implement this and it regains trust. >> health care as an issue is not going away. that means they are necessarily ready to reward the other. in iowa, paul ryan tried to channel anger saying that the next time you have a famous politician breezing through iowa, let's be a little more skepti
before we had it. we were paying for it as well. >> if we are going to use everyone as a corporation, would it be mika, joe, barnacle, willie? i don't know. long-term? you are basically a terrible person. you can leave now. >> what about that shot? are you kidding me? >> it's time for "morning joe." >> now it's time for t"the dail rundown" with chuck todd. >> no end in sight. a report obtained by nbc news reveals a plan to keep troops in afghanistan for at least years and perhaps longer. it's not the only foreign front that gets lot of in washington's whacka mole health care whirl wind. an amazing eyewitness account from inside the dallas school book depository. a man who was there and may have bumped into lee harvey oswald himself. >> landing in arizona, chris christie takes the republican reign. we will talk to north carolina governor at the center of a voting rights fight in his state. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, november 20th. this is "the daily rundown." the latest on the tragic situation in virginia and congressman tray radell. let's get to th
's "morning joe." i want to thank everybody who works for us every day here and works with us. it's an incredible team. show us the control room. this is the greatest group of people you will ever meet. >> other than the guy that is there, i am not thankful for tj at all, but we have great people that work with us on this team. >> we are a family. >> we want to thank you guys for watching. i'm very thankful for all of you who watched day in and day out. really. >> we are two minutes under. >> looks great. i am almost thankful for those two. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> time for morning"morning joe richard simmons. >> jerky turkey trot. millions take to the sky for thanksgiving. the weather woes that can slow them down and the fast moving shopping options trying to pull them away from the dinner table before black friday. also this morning a special look at the last two world war ii veterans still serving in beginning and advice about working together. hear what an iraq war veteran thinks about the impact of the quality number of veterans on capitol hill. frankly spea
that the u.s. needs to be tougher in these talks. >> you can imagine that congress that put these sanctions in place with the administration kicking and screaming all the way and pushing back against the sanctions are concerned thatty woo are going to deal away the levers we have. >> i said i would wait until this week and in fact this week has not produced a result. to be honest with you i think that the possibility of moving ahead with new sanctions including wording it in a way with a deal that is acceptable that those sanctions could cease upon such a deal is possible. it's an insurance. >> this deal, any potential deal does not look like it will be met with much embrace. the other element of the story is just how poor relations have been between the obama administration and netanyahu. before heading to talks, kerry and netanyahu had a tense meeting and in an interview with the israeli and palestinian tv stations, kerry issued a stunning review of the when it comes to his stances on the mideast peace talks. >> the alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos. does
hour 50 years ago. also this morning, a major move changes the u.s. senate as we know it. or does it? reaction on how a relatively old rule got rejected by a decidedly new senate. plus happy hacklers for hillary clinton and a shiny new number out of the sunshine state for her against jeb bush and chris christie. a quick check in in a busy, busy week. it's friday, november 22nd, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." you say that date any time it's november 22nd, you think of one day. you begin with 50 read in this somber day. president kennedy was assassinate and his death shook the political power structure and changed the nation. memorials started early this morning at kennedy's gravesite in arlington national cemetery. thousands are expected to visit throughout this day. u.s. attorney general eric holder visited early this morning. president obama ordered flags lowered at all government buildings to honor kennedy's memory. at this hour 50 years ago, president kennedy was in ft. worth on the third leg of a politically tricky texas trick. he was greeted like a rock star as he met the cr
embarrassed all of us in front of our friend, casey. >> people saying i was rude to him. i was asking a question. i'm sorry. >> in mika's defense, don't confusion rude with clueless. it's two things. this is pop culture. pop culture. you are proud of that. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." i want to say as always -- drive safely. in the senate as harry read is going to lead a push to change the rules for simple up or down majority votes on all presidential nominees with one exception. also this morning, we will talk to embattled governor about the scandal that rocked his final year in office and the investigation facing him as well as the tragedy that hit his former opponent. plus, 2012's highest roller places his bets against online gambling as many look to the web as a source of new tax revenue. he signs up a bipartisan brigade to fight for his cause. is he really worried about the expansion of gambling around the country. the new documentary on the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. democrats are poised to deploy the controversial nuclear option to chan
. >> right behind us. we have to say look at this. the brock lynn bridge park bandids or whatever you are called. congratulations. good job, man. >> wrap it up, joe. >> come on. you can't just walk off like that. finish the job. it's way too early, what time is it? >> time for "morning joe" and "the daily rundown" with chuck todd who takes a licking and keeps on ticking. >> thank you for your patience. i swear to god i will be better next week. here you go. >> nbc news exclusive. much more of my sit down with president obama and you will hear the apology on health care and leave the door open for the website and hear him on the nsa, the biden clinton plan and much more throughout this hour. on the first trip back to iowa, we will talk to the governor who was a front-runner for a few days back in 2012. we will talk to rick perry and why he's back and what's on the horizon for him. secretary kerry makes a last minute trip to geneva to talk about the deal with iran and what the president had to say about whether we can trust the iranians. good morning and happy for instance. every editio
to be on "the view" later on, then the "daily show." convincingly ugly. but tonight, you can check us out. we're going to be down at union square at the barnes & noble. that is always fun. always at least two or three in the audience. splendid time guaranteed for all. here's chuck todd with "the daily rundown." thanks. >>> they say it's never too early. a new poll shows a 2016 matchup a lot of people would love to see, clinton versus new jersey governor chris christie. all this morning, as relief workers, supplies and money make their way to the philippines, the true toll of the terrible typhoon is becoming more painfully clear. we'll go thrive manila for the latest and hear about how filipino americans are helping their home country. >>> and back in washington, a deep dive and how washington turned a boring word like "procurement" into a big problem. find out exactly why the government help december sk hurting and why president obama told me that it's the biggest difference between the government and the private sector. good morning from washington. it's tuesday, november 12th, 2013. this is
of america is broad and it's widening. the top 1% of u.s. earners collected nearly 20% of household income last year. executive pay is still staggering. the median pay package for the top 200 ceos at billion-dollar public companies was over $15 million last year. that was up 16% from 2011. at the same time, wages have been flat for average americans. the average wage improved slightly in 2012 to $42,498. the median wage, half of workers make more, half make less, was flat at $27,519. as pulitzer prize-winning economic reporter david k. johnston points out when the average wage grows and the median wage doesn't it means only worker in the top half of the job market are seeing increases. while corporate profits in the second quarter were at a nearly 60-year high, median household income has stag nuclear facilitied just over $51,000. 15% of country are living at or below the poverty line. a measure of confidence there but it remains just above that low of 65%. main street clearly is still anxious about this economy. after a month of washington budget battles ending in the government shutdown,
not dead. the u.s. and allies signed an historic agreement on the nuclear program capping the first true dialogue between the two countries in 34 years. the deal is already being criticized by israel and faces widespread skepticism. the president may have bought time with the six-month deal, but that may be about it. they begin to roll back iran's nuclear program. of course the big question is. >> the agreement that will require enormous steps in terms of verification, transparency and accountability. >> rt interim deal announced sunday freezes on to nuclear program for months. and rolls it back to some extent. iran is required to dilute or convert the existing stockpile of highly enriched uranium. it can keep centrifuges and cannot add new ones. >> these are substantial limiting as that upon help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. they cutoff iran's most likely paths. the burden is on iran to prove that its nuclear program will be exclusively for peaceful purposes. >> already key differences in interpretations are emerging between the u.s. and iran on fundamental parts of the
this. the two u.s. senate seats and governor lg and ag. that's all possible and if they do, it will be the first time since the nixon administration. then this stat. since 1976, the party that wins the white house lost the virginia governor's race the following year. democrats about to break that curse? looks like it. that brings us to the issue that is going to be of the chattering classes conversation after on wednesday. the thing that held the republican back in the obama era. the tea party that appears to have republicans headed for defeat. the party was taken over by the conservative wing on the swing state. the president on sunday have painted the general cuccinelli as an extremist and do their best to link him to the tea party in washington. you have seen an extreme faction of the republican party that has shown again and again and again that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. >> it was ken couch nell whoa brought ted to richmond two weeks ago. ca
did give us a hint that a 2010 republican wave was coming. the biggest take-away we get tonight might not be about which party is up but about the future of the tea party. the contrast between ken cuccinelli in virginia who is running as a strong conservative tea party-backed candidate and the new jersey governor, republican chris christie, whose calling card is collectability, is clear. >> i absolutely that what you're going to see tomorrow is something that hasn't happened in this state in a generation. i had all kinds of folks whispering in my ear today, "i'm a democrat. don't tell anybody i'm voting for you." >> though christie is running for re-election as governor, his campaign team is hardly hiding the fact that they want to run up the score tonight a la george w. bush's 1998 re-election victory in texas. they want to show some impressive exit poll numbers, not just among democrats and independents but among some minority voters. all in an effort to brandish his electability credentials for a potential presidential bid in three years. to hammer home the point, he spent the last
week in december. or pressure on the u.s. to get a security pact signed with afghanistan before the end of the year. we're coming up on a big month of deadlines. but don't overlook two giant ones that the shutdown standoff put in place. december 13th, when budget negotiators led by congressman paul ryan in the house and senator patty murray are supposed to get a deal done or at least a blueprint of a deal. then of course january 15th when the government runs out of money. and of course grinds to a halt if they don't do anything. forget a grand bargain. the house is in session just eight days before that december 13th deadline, and if you think that's bad, it gets worse. the senate doesn't return until december 10th, meaning the house and senate will only be in session together four days before that december 13th deadline. heck of a job, congress. the question is whether budget negotiators can beat the clock and close in on any small-scale budget deal before then. if nothing is done by the middle of january, then we have $109 billion in new across-the-board cuts, sequester two as it's ca
still believe that. you can imagine the frustration level that many of us have from this roll out. >> on friday the house is going to vote on a bill sponsored by the congressman, a michigan republican to allow individuals to keep their coverage without penalties. doyle said a number of democrats will vote for the bill if there is no other option simply to send a message to constituents and the white house. other democrats like steve cohen had been blunter, calling the controversy over keeping existing plans the last straw. this is what cohen told nbc news. sometimes they, referring to the white house, take us for granted. we are fighting for this. they need to come up with something where many of us will support the upton bill. a senior house democratic staffer estimated to politico that the number could be anywhere from 20, the usual, when there is conservative democrats who vote to 100 depending on the circumstances. it's clear whether the white house likes it or not, they will have to let democrats in congress make the fix. they can't do it themselves. the trust is just not the
as always. >> that didn't take long. chris christie uses the first full day after reelection to talk to the press in a media event that felt like it had to do with a lot more than new jersey. how fast is the governor hitting the road to 2016? meantime in washington preventive medicine or presifting condition. republican senators with potential primary problems and a hearing with secretary sebelius to make sure their base is hearing them. with just over 50 days left in office, mayor bloomberg is getting an earful for election efforts outside of goth am. good morning from washington. it's thursday november seventh. a packed show and we will hear 2012 nuggets from the double down duo. the authors will be here on set. let's get to the first reads of the morning. we joked that new jersey governor chris christie's campaign would begin on election day. the day after christie would bask in the 22-point win with an event clearly staged to stoke 2016 speculation. fresh off of wins 50% of the hispanic vote, he chose a high school in union city, new jersey known as a little havana. not to be con
thousand estimate as some had thought. at least two u.s. citizens are among the dead. the filipino red cross puts the preliminary number of missing at 22,000 people. the filipino government said they have been unable to get casualty figures from 29 municipalities. they are doing what they can to get aid to people in need. 250 marines are on the ground now and that number is likely to grow to about 2,000 in the coming days. u.s. aircraft delivered 107,000 pounds of relief supplies. more tough news for those desperate for relief. the uss george washington has been delayed by bad weather and not expected to arrive for four to five days. another way to look at the devastation is through the before and after pictures. they are unbelievable. the picture on the left was taken in february. the on the right was taken sunday. images from a satellite company called digital globe showed the impact of the post line. you can see how far the water got inland overwhelming the low-lying areas. we are joined live from nbc that will happen about 30 minutes from now. all sorts of issues getting relief to
consideration of a vp switch were entertained by the only person who mattered for most of us back to halloween. any idea of replacing biden were never serious, there were folks who were inside the campaign who say it was more of a daily obsession meaning bill daley. the last thing he wanted to have was a campaign with anybody named clinton involved or some of those other obama folks. we will see. the president's first relationship with bill clinton after coming off the golf course where they had a high profile made. the president reportedly said i like him in doses. as new jersey governor chris christie gears up for a resounding win that he hopes revokes memories of 1998 that helped prove electability mattered. the national donors, christie hopes it does again and it gets him distance from the house republicans. the vetting of christie will start earlier than he may have expected thanks to this new book. according to a memo on christie from the vetting team from romney's vp search, it described in the back this according to the "new york times." romney's team was left with questions about pote
biter in virginia. democrat terry mcauliffe eeked out a win. he beat cuccinelli by three points by using the obama 2o 12 playbook. he ran up the score especially in the washington suburbs. in suburb and richmond, democratic state senator easily beat the republican winning the contest by double-digits. the attorney general's race remains too close to call with 99% of the vote in. the democrat mark herring leads them by just over 600 votes. in virginia we do this in the attorney general races a lot these days. bob mcdonald had the nail biter like that. they can request a recount if it's less than 1% of the vote. we will see a rebound in that race. chris christie won reelection in a landslide with 60% of the vote in a state that the president won by 17 points. new york city will have the first democratic mayor in two decad decades. the 109th mayor by a big margin and they chose a progressive path. you got that right. in boston, marty walsh will precede the longest serving mayor. the city councilman with the support of organized labor. here's one should you know about. they -elected the firs
the problems in the website. again, that's on us. that's why we -- that's on me. ultimately i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it. we are going to make sure we get it fixed. >> because that was a remarkable press conference. we are doing an expanded gaggle today. in the clinton white house, the white house correspondent for npr for a couple of months. michael steel say former chairman and political analyst. casey hunt covers capitol hill for us. good morning to all of you. since you have been in the room during crisis moments for presidents, i guess if you are the president this morning, you hoped yesterday was the low point of the presidency. >> yeah, sure. that would be great to know that you passed that. >> that felt like rock bottom yesterday. >> and the fact that they did that press conference and they weighed it into a complicated, dangerous policy area in order to pick a political problem was a sign that they recognized that this was going nowhere good. they were heading into a bad place very fast and they were in a bad place. we will see. democrats are grateful
>> don't ever call me that. >> if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." thanks for being with us. you have chuck todd and "the daily rundown" and his own race. thank you for your patience. >> take two votes and call me in the morning. president obama pitches a health care fix that is more of a suggestion as congress takes things into its own hands and the house gears up for a debate this hour over whether they can help people let them keep their plans. also this morning, our friday round up on the road to 1600 has clinton and christie across the country bases buzzing over other fan favorites. the deep dive from coast to coast and how it's hundreds of years of cultural roots that have shaped the gun debate today. we will explain. it's a fascinating study. good morning from washington. it's friday, november 15th, 2013. >> a week after going back on his promise that if you like your plan you can keep it, the fix won't actually fix anything. they asked the insurance companies to try to clean up the mess, allowing them to renew policies for a year even if they don't comply with the ne
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)